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The Basic Income Wiki is a website that anyone can edit. We want to build a resource about basic income that gives a good overview, collects documentation, and much more! You are very welcome to sign up and add and edit pages here.

Why work on this wiki?

  • It's not always fun to edit Wikipedia. Guaka (who started this wiki) doesn't feel like endless discussions and work being deleted and reverted. Still, let's keep things compatible (also in terms of licensing, i.e. CC-BY-SA) and copy stuff to and from Wikipedia where relevant.
  • The Reddit wiki is not great in terms of functionality.
  • If things work out we'll end up with a great resource and a nice community of people who think alike. Something that can really help the movement.
  • Even if this will not become a huge resource with any kind of community, Guaka will just keep it as a personal notepad for basic income related information. (A lot of quick notes wouldn't be allowed on Wikipedia.)