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There are many independent projects seeking to implement a currency which distributes a UBI:

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Social Identity Social Mining Token Valuation (Economics) Blockchain Choice Governance Key Personnel Location(s) Notes Status Links Description
Akropolis - KYC partners for each region covered

- No personal user data is stored on-chain - (Planned) Encrypted off-chain storage linked to on-chain identity

Reward for regular savers from a "reward pool" - funded by the system's investors - Users' staking should increase demand as users join

- Meant to be available on exchanges - Token economics still subject to change - £0.069 initial value

Initially Ethereum, but aiming to be blockchain agnostic in principle. In development Anastasia Andrianova

Kate Kurbanova


Berlin Gibraltar

Aiming to provide an alternative to the existing pensions infrastructure. Active, completed private pre-sale, public token sale in July
altrui.st - Ranking algorithm for Deutsche Bank clients

- Plug-in for third party websites Monero mining

- Mining pool with a big user base

- Monthly UBI from mined Monero coins to pool members - Number of users dependent on current money supply & mining power

Based on Monero coins Monero coins - In development

- Prioritization through a scoring system - Limited to Deutsche Bank accounts - Depends on users base

Dani Guardiola

Carlos Jeurissen Ferdinand Scheubeck

Spain, Holland Only Deutsche Bank clients can apply with their accounts In development [[1]], devpost This project originates from the Techcrunch Disrupt European Hackathon 2017 in Berlin where it won the third price. The Deutsche Bank and ESRI APIs were used just for the purpose of the hackathon sponsor prices. They are rethinking that part.

The idea is to create a large Monero mining pool on third party websites via a plug-in, with a big user base. The rewarded coins will be stored in a wallet and distributed monthly to clients based on a scoring system.

banquapp Blockchain economic identity technology solution No token No token Own blockchain Ashish Gadnis

Hamse Warfe

Minneapolis, MN USA Active "Dignity Through Identity" - Blockchain platform that enables refugees, displaced, and the world’s poorest to create a free and secure online profile that allows them to track their relationships and transactions.
Big Foundation -Blockchain based daily UBI through BIG coins

-Coin with commerce utility within system

- Daily UBI via BIG coins with commercial utility within ecosystem

- One coin per wallet - More wallets increase coins supply

- First stage BIG token as ERC-20 token, issued through a BIGemission smart contract

- 0.01 ETH for registration - Second stage BIG token on BIG blockchain, independent on Ethereum - Issue algorithm will be the same as in the first stage - 1 token per wallet

Ethereum - Equal distribution of coins and transaction fees among participants Sergey Ryabov

Dmitriy Bereznitskiy Vitaliy Mengeshev

Saint Petersburg, Russia - BIG is an open general-purpose protocol

- Have a BIG wallet

Active ICO

12 Oct 2017 - 1 Nov 2018

Whitepaper, roadmap The project will provide all participants of the system with a UBI, through BIG coins. The system will issue one BIG token per wallet, daily. New wallets will increase the supply of BIG tokens in the system, distributed equally among the participants.

All users will be able to do commerce using BIG tokens, incurring a 10% commission fee (consumption tax) per transaction, used to help maintain the work of miners.

Bonnum Network
BrightID - Reputation system

- Offchain trust score computation - Seed groups - Initially Face-to-Face, NFC - Proof of world citizenship

- Graph DB, no blockchain

- Oracles for blockchains integration (uploading trust scores)

Initial "Seed groups" chosen by client Adam Stallard Seattle, US General ID solution, mostly for UBI Developing Beta BrightID uses the people you know (a social graph) to enforce one-account-per-person for important applications like voting and universal basic income.

BrightID uses a decentralized social graph and a trusted group of close personal contacts to enforce & verify one-account-per-person for important applications like voting and UBI.

C.UBI (Circular) In development No data In development In development Lennard Hulsbos

Paul Anca

Munich, Germany - Suspicious

- No WP - UBI from global resource usage, within the context of a circular economy, enabled by technology - 4 foundational components: Commons, Circular Economy, DLT and UBI

- Very early stage Manifesto C.UBI is an initiative that proposes a preliminary framework to finance UBI out of global resource usage, within the context of a circular economy and enabled by technology.

C.UBI plans to create a taxation model that will finance UBI. In the process they will promote a paradigm for sustainable use of resources, development of closed-loop business models, and a solid financial basis for citizens to re-educate, start businesses and change their consumption patterns.

Cattalax In development In development Democratic Hypercatallaxy Ethereum In development Austin Fatheree In development github, Democratic Hypercatallaxy In development
Cicada Hardware security, biometrics, and a social graph Distributed Proof-of-work: every user is a miner; mining on mobile devices Own blockchain Daniel Jeffries Inactive; there may be offshoots Whitepaper
Circles - "Web of trust"

- Open for external validators - Native UBI money system based on personal cryptocurrencies and a social graph of trust

- Unique Personal Currency (EdCoin, RonitCoin) created on join
- Continuous minting of new coins awarded to associated person
- Shared set of rules for all personal currencies (e.g. fixed rate)
- Annual inflation schedule to encourage economic activity

- Complementary currency

Ethereum - Convergence to one single global monetary system
- Bootstrapped in a completely organic and grassroots fashion, but extensible for arbitrary governance on top of base protocol
Andy Milenius

Ed Murphy Ronit Kory

Berlin - "Berlin Basic Iincome Cafe" initiative (currently not active) In development Whitepaper, medium Circles creates a Unique Personal Cryptocurrency for every account that joins the blockchain.

The money in every individual's account is uniquely identifiable and gains in value if the account connects to other accounts and joins groups. This incentivizes every user to limit themselves to one account.

“Circles” will be a currency created from basic incomes only. New money will be constantly distributed to every account participating in the system.

Democracy Earth Video based (attention mining) UBI rewarded as 10% of earned VOTE coins, following rules of a Dripping mechanism - Political currency to bring equivalence to transacting entities, restore balance and fairness as the new moral standard

- Value from material goods - Vote tokens can be delegated, granted or obtained through dripping - UBI coins start dripping after valid Proof of Identity - UBI indexing on global scale (1 vote = 1 hour of work) - Total supply of votes fixed to a maximum cap based on quantity of participants in the network



-A standard for digital democracy able to interoperate with other tokens

-Liquid democracy with a range of voting transactions permitted with votes

Santiago Siri

Pia Mancini Virgile Deville

San Francisco

Paris New York

In development Whitepaper With the rise of open source software and peer to peer networks, political intermediation is no longer necessary. We are building Sovereign, an open source and decentralized democratic governance protocol for any kind of organization. They have included Basic Income as part of their whitepaper.
Duniter Web of Trust mechanism for identification and regular verification of members - Duniter (Ğ1) can be obtained on Ğannonce or ĞChange.

- Every member is a co-producer of money by participating on the monetary Community, which provides regular Universal Dividends

- Principles of the Relative Theory of Money in which currencies are “minted” by way of a Universal Dividend

- Each vetted member is a co-creator, the money offers symmetry for all

Own Blockchain Developers = legislative,

Members with a node = executive Equality in "space and time" (meaning blockchain?) that enable everyone equal participation in the money making process

Cédric Moreau France - Only members of the currency can calculate blocks, which limits the number of potential participants
- "Energy efficient cryptocurrency software"
- Project originally created in 2008 as "OpenUDC"
- Web of trust limited in size for security reasons. However they encourage other communities to create their own currency using the Duniter source code
- 1100 certified members

- Functional marketplaces

Whitepaper, intro, based on monetary theory, OpenUDC Energy efficient cryptocurrency software which enables creation of currencies. The currency code includes concepts of a Universal Dividend and Web of Trust.
Enumivo - Ranking Algorithm to fairly rank people by voting and select first 1,000 UBI recipients - 20 tokens distributed for 2,500 weeks during a person's lifetime

- Value initially dependent on reserve of ENU coins, locked in UBI fund

- Weekly UBI distribution
- Backed by Enumivo digital financial reserve of 10M ENU
- UBI tokens are derived as stakes in the dApp backed by the Enumivo project. So, they receive shares in the Enumivo and are indirectly earning in ENU
- Instant trading
- Cash out after vesting period of 2 weeks
- Dependent on ENU price
UBI dApp - own blockchain (cloned EOS)
ENU token (tradeable) listed on EOS
Built in rewards and punishment system for good and bad block producers Aiden Pearce (pseudonym) China - Ranking system to motivate community's activity

- 10M ENU coins given for free to attract many people for dApp and make sure UBI has value - Planned to scale to 2B people

- Expected release of UBI dApp in March 2019
- ENU token listed on ForkDelta and CoinLib
Whitepaper, BitcoinTalk, Medium Extension of Enumivo, which was originally built to create a UBI on the blockchain via a UBI dApp. UBI tokens will be distributed to participants in ENU based on a ranking algo. UBI's value will have little correlation to ENU tokens, but will be market driven and could be converted to fiat.
Exergy - Personal Energy Account UBI gives energy credits calculated via needs of each individual Earth Resource Control Software (ERCS) creates a planetary, live feed of resource usage and totals. Own blockchain. Interconnected holons run democratically within the three criteria of human rights. Lilium Carlson Enrique Lescure Umea, Sweden Washington,US ERCS is still in development. In development A scientifically verified and sustainable UBI.
Frink - Similar to BrightID but closed source (intend to open source afer launch)
- Private Decentralized ID created from analyzing links and referrals
- Proof of Person Mining enables everyone to mine Frinks with equal mining power creating maximum decentralization

- Frink pays users ₣1000 for linking friends and more for referrals

- Price set for pre-ICO

- Project pays 1000 frinks to everyone who joins to mine

Own scalable and energy-efficient blockchain with high-performance and low-bandwidth, from researching Ethereum and Cryptonite. Community of miners with protection of their social graph Matt Czarnek

Iban Eguia

US - Frinks can be spent anywhere bitcoin is accepted, through services like Shapeshift.io and Changelly

- Goal to reach 10M people

"ICO coming soon" Whitepaper Frink’s mission is to provide a secure, fast, scalable, stable, decentralized, and customer friendly digital currency and digital IDs.

Everyone starts with an equal number of Frinks just waiting to be claimed. Money paid to miners will be evenly paid to the users who secure the decentralized network.

Frinks are economically strong, energy efficient, without transaction fees, have more stable prices, and are highly scalable.

FT-Coin Policy Paper Parallel Digital Payments Platform (PDPP) proposed in DiEM25 European New Deal. It's a future-TAX-coin. They want a alternative real state currency, denominated in Euros. The blockchain part of it is

1: for the purpose of transparency so it's evident the state/government is not overspending or being generous to specific parties.

2: to provide future tax breaks to people storing their savings within that system, in effect financing the government (which would no longer need to borrow from markets and banks and, thus saving)

As for UBI they don't agree with it, instead they propose something far more radical. The Universal Basic Dividend.

GoodDollar Combination of methods:
* Input from Social networks

* Traditional KYC * Seed groups * Sybil detection algorithms * Voting mechanisms * Face to face approvals * Having existing users vouch for new ones * "Holographic Concensus"

- Elligble to receive GoodDollars upon identity verification

- Refer a friend program - Social Interest (Inflation) Mechanism - the less GoodDollars you have, the more you get (annual 10%)

Price based on Bancor formula, taking into account total supply changes due to UBI & token trading Probably Ethereum, possibly forking and adding abilities (Planned) 3 different DAOs on Ethereum, probably using DAOstack Yoni Assia

Oded Ben Dror Gilad Barner Sagi Shorrer Tal Oron

Israel, UK - Founded by eToro's CEO & Founder, Yoni Assia

- Fully sponspored by eToro (no need for ICO)

- Incubating

- Working on POCs - Creating this table :-)

Whitepaper Brainchild of Yoni Assia, eToro CEO & Founder.
GoodWill Goodwill Economy Proof of Memory & Proof of Knowledge based billing to UN Member States employing EEG and similar methods of data mining, use of data, interpretation of data and derivative works, of BEGINNING Goodwill Economy participants & NeoSpace Foundation members, affiliates & participants using FIAT USD $1 Trillion / Microsecond for the duration of each individual's memory & knowledge billed to Central Bank of each UN Member State of the individual. Plans to use debts owed to NeoSpace Foundation by all 193 UN member nations & the Central Banks as funding source. World-wide known as largest creditor in history to UN member states. Global Consensus for billing rate reached in 2014. Agreement for Central Bank based payment signed as part of Paris Agreement during Climate Change Summit & as part of signing of Global Goals. Consensus agreement reached during World Economic Forum 4th Industrial Revolution Summit for building Digital Economy for each UN member nation to satisfy payment obligations ERC20 on Ethereum Bank of International Settlements, NASA, ESA, RosCosmos, Intelligence Directorates, UN POL, CyberPOL, DoD, NATO affiliates, and US Department of Commerce based detection & Validation of existence of Memory & Knowledge for purpose of billing Yuuki Fushimi Universal - Supports 17 goals from the "UN Sustainability Goals" (see "links") Awaiting CBDC Backing & Exchange Listing Goodwill Whitepaper, Resource Whitepaper, BEGINNING, Digital Economy Summary Goodwill Economy: Partner of NeoSpace Foundation
Gradido (GradidoTransform) In development - Active Basic Income of up to 1000 gradidos

- Gradido ambassadors receive GradidoTransform during development stage (if they are part of the Academy)

Only theoretical, no details about blockchain or cryptocurrency yet. In development In development Bernd Hückstädt

Margret Baier

Germany - Supports 17 goals from the "UN Sustainability Goals" (see "links")
In development/Experimental Article, UN Goals Monetary and economic model based on self-regulating mechanisms for stability of supply & prices. Everyone has a right to Unconditional Participation an Active Basic Income of up to 1000 gradidos.
Greshm Government IDs, etc. It'll be a mix. Whatever makes the most sense for each country.
There will always be identity fraud, so we'll have to recover fraud incidents.
We'll always have people actively working on recovering from fraud incidents.
- XGD terms to maturity through subtraction of time points since last transaction, before exchanged to USD

- XGD circulates and users receive UBI

- Gresham’s law - “bad money drives out good"

- XGD pegged אo USD (1 to 1) - XGD matures into USD from the reserves after a period of time - Term to maturity restarts whenever XGD is exchanged - Circulation of XGD will lessen impact on USD reserves - Greshm merchant partners are required to set prices equally in XGD and USD, so consumers can prefer to spend XGD over USD

Non-blockchain Centralized authority protects against double spend. Alex Howlett Boston, US - Continuous basic income. No discrete payments.

- Will be open source. - Like PayPal, but with a basic income.

In development.

Planned milestones: 1. Find a lawyer. 2. Form the organization. 3. Raise seed funding 4. Crowd fund the USD reserves. 5. Launch in one city. 6. Expand to the world.

Whitepaper, reddit, twitter Greshm is a USD-based complementary monetary system (1-to-1 peg).

XGD will be provided as basic income to low income individuals in a specifc city or region, after funding USD reserves.

They will partner with a network of local merchants agreeing to accept XGD payments at face value.

Horizon NGO Proof of Reputation

(in development)

Distribution through strategic partnerships

(see white paper)

Payouts directly in Ether

Internal token exchange is planned

MVP on Ethereum

(see link)


DAO on Aragon, DAOStack or ...

Dirk von Heinrichshorst

Eliott Teissonniere

Germany United Basic Income platform
Horizon Factory generates splitter instances that redistribute deposits among basic income token holders.
In its core, Horizon is a recurring payments system which can be used for multiple purposes.
DApp on Ropsten test net ✔

planned: - go live on main net - switch to DAO governance - build mobile application - design Horizon V2

MVP Horizon NGO is the first decentralized platform for uniting basic income initiatives.
Not only are we offering basic income tokens to individuals, but also to organizations the possibility to run their own basic income service.
Through the Horizon Factory, every organization will be able to create an independent basic income service for their community only (contributing to the main service). It's easy (through the online DApp), affordable (very affordable when compared to custom development), thoroughly tested and maintained by the Horizon team.
HyperSpace Every registered and verified user who actively participates in HyperSpace receives a daily allocation of AMPs – HyperSpace’s digital currency – for free. " If you bring your communities value by creating and sharing content aligned with their interests, your income from HyperSpace can increase dramatically." - The earlier you register, the more AMPs you get
Probably Dr. Andreas Mätzler Probably Vienna, Austria - Formerly "Synereo"
- Community-owned spaces where members are rewarded and recognized for creating and sharing the content most appreciated by their peers.
upcoming Alpha launch (Dec 2018) medium
Kuwa (ZeroPoverty) - Kuwa Identity as self-sovereign identification platform for poor countries

- Kuwa Registrar for users validation - Kuwa Token (KT) given to valid unique human users eligible for BID - Kuwa Faucet checks validity of KT and sends BID off-chain - New users need to find sponsors to pay the gas for the validation - User needs to record a video of themselves saying a numerical challenge, which then gets uploaded to a public repo and then voted by validator nodes which bet on the outcome (zero-sum game)

- Periodic payment of BID (ERC20 token) to validated people No details provided regarding how it will be used, at this stage. Ethereum - Kuwa Foundation Inc - Massachusetts nonprofit corporation

- Kuwa Board

Philip Silva

Jim Flynn

Massachusetts, US - Similar to Bitcoin

- TCUP - pronounced "teacup" - Kuwa = "to be" in Swahili - MIT license

WP and first open source by September end Article, Doc, Kuwa Cryptocurrency "faucet" for distribution of UBI that will deliver UBI through a Kuwa identity system, which is a decentralized, pseudo-anonymous and Sybil-resistant individual identification system
mannabase (GrantCoin) 1) Email + Real mobile phone (sms verification) + Address

2) secondary algorithmic methods for: a) Pair phones and addresses b) Checking for authenticity of mobile numbers (using Twilio etc.)

- Fully automated weekly distribution of Mana

- Mannabase as clearing house of information for “conscious consumers” - People’s Currency Foundation for charities - Children’s savings account program for “basic capital”

- Manna UBI distributed weekly to Mannabase wallets

- Annual rate of increase of the Manna money supply through UBI at 3.5% of current supply of Manna in circulation (proxy for USD historical average annual inflation) - Primarily determined by the free market - The value is additionally backed by donations to the People’s Currency Foundation

- Currently own blockchain (PeerCoin fork)
- "In 2018, we intend to transition to a more advanced, feature-rich codebase, perhaps by incorporating some of the functionalities

of Ethereum into our own blockchain"

Distributed by a nonprofit organization as UBI Eric Stetson

Jon Frenchin Brandon Venetta Doug Shubert

US - Leader & first-mover advantage
- Possibilities for development of point-of-sale solutions for spending Manna at retailers & other partnerships
- Ambition to be adopted by global NGOs and developing governments as "people's reserve currency"
- Talking to orphanages (Children savings program concept)
- 200K Accounts (100 countries)

- Launched Feb '18, developing "advanced features" - Tradeable On "SouthXchange" (Argentina) - Checking out Philip Silva's Kuwa - Market Cap August '18: 540K$

Whitepaper, CoinMarketCap, Bitcointalk Manna is the world's first universally accessible, people-powered & empowering alternative currency.
Online Pseudonym Parties Based on Bryan Ford's Pseudonym Parties (MIT, 2007), a global personhood system. Not a crypto UBI project specifically, pseudonym parties is an identity system. Can be used by crypto UBI projects. Online Pseudonym Parties is not a UBI system. There is aspects that could be described as social mining, acquiring the personhood token once a month (untraceable, pseudo-anonymous) is a bit like "mining" it. Online Pseudonym Parties is not a UBI system, tough it does have tokens, or equivalents of tokens, which can have value. Pseudonym parties, either offline or online, needs to process a global population in a short period of time, hundreds of millions of transactions per second. A blockchain cannot scale to that, but post-blockchain systems like BitLattice could. Online pseudonym parties involves every single human being in government positions, pairs verifying one another 1-on-1 in a global, monthly, pseudonym event. Johan The digital space, non-geographical. The network can be attacked through collusion, that is the only significant attack vector. For example, 10% of the population who colludes against their network, can provide bots with 0.5% of all personhood tokens. Mass-scale collusion tends to be a problem in many systems, including representative democracy and proof-of-work which can both be 51% attacked. Awaiting BitLattice. Early proofs-of-concepts available. https://proofofindividuality.online, https://www.docdroid.net/i52aigD/online-pseudonym-parties-a-foundation-for-proof-of-personhood-in-the-web-30-jurisdiction.pdf, https://www.scribd.com/document/339117426/Anti-sybil-Protocol-Using-Virtual-Pseudonym-Parties, https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-09-26/how-to-kill-fake-facebook-accounts-and-preserve-privacy, A global personhood system based on Bryan Ford's Pseudonym Parties.
Palai mobile phone number only - for low entry barrier - Declared early adopter advantage - Basic Income per person is large at a particular day, and it shrinks with time as more humans participate.
- A transfer costs 0.02 ¶, redistributed as ¶ Palai Basic Income
- All ¶ Palai balance which is left idle, shrinks over time – it evaporates at a 1 % per year rate, redistributed as ¶ Palai Basic Income
- Plan Fiat conversion option - "Once the demand is high enough, there will be multiple exchange service providers".
Leipzig, Germany? Supported by "Social Impact Lab" in Leipzig faq
People Currency
Project UBU E-wallet application on site - 100 UBUs per day

- Additional UBI through referrals and verification of information - 1% daily dissipation rate, "use it or lose it" - UBU scales citizens network and community development - UBX is a tradable token for network monetization

- Number of UBUs in circulation dependent on number of citizens

- UBUs mathematically linked to UBX ERC-20 tokens - 5.00 USD (ICO price)

- Ethereum

- (ERC20) UBX linked to UBU for nodes & network monetization

Community of citizens, vendors & treasury Dudley Baylis

Justin McCarthy Steven Sidley Douglas Reed

South Africa - Impressive online presence

- 2 currencies (UBU & UBX) - "Moribound assets" concept - Liquidity injection

Launched sale in 2017 Whitepaper, Launch Dual currency system for community development (UBU) and monetization (UBX).

It is injecting liquidity into the market to create more buyers, reducing inefficiencies and allowing sellers to achieve value for moribund assets.

Raha Currently through video-based social verification. Long term plan is to have a diversity of verifiers and multi-signal identity confidence. 10 Raha/week unitl 10 billion distributed, then distribution based on opt-out transaction donation for individuals, mandatory transaction fee for orgs. Market-based. Currently centralized. Long term plan TBD, but probably own blockchain. Liquid democracy. Mark Ulrich

Tina Roh Omar Diab Rahul Gupta-Iwasaki

Active development See: What is Raha
RESILIENCE (Basicincome.co) -Resilience (RES) via Swarm Redistribution experiment

-UBI provided to participants in a swarm network -Redistribution of wealth from taxes on RES transactions, through Bitnation's decentralized legal services

- Redistribution of wealth from taxes on RES transactions, through dividend pathways No data - Ethereum, but "agnostic - can be ported to any platform"

- Ethereum wallet - Any platform with API can be connected to RESILIENCE

- Bitnation - DAO offering "Governance 2.0" services (law, insurance, social, education...)

-Swarm Redistribution model - Decentralized taxRate governance (every node sets their own taxRate)

Johan Nygren Bitnation - Amsterdam
Resilience - Sweden
- BitNation is the governance service, Resillience is Johan Nygren's UBI attempt on it

- Swarm Redistribution built into Resilience - Inspired by Ripple - New standard for co-operative dividend networks - Self-perpetuating network of tree-branching wealth transfer schemes

Experimental stage whitepaper, Steemit, protocol Basicincome.co is a Bitnation DApp application that runs on top of the RESILIENCE protocol. It will use a symmetric swarm redistribution model to re-purpose financial transactions networks, in a web of links.

Each RES transaction will form a dividend pathway for redistribution of taxes created in the swarm network.

More RES transactions will create more pathways and raise more taxes.

It is designed to empower co-operatives with a social conscience, and provide a tool for community support. A framework for secondary applications allows donation of dividends to different causes. Users may choose to share their dividends with those in financial proximity to their dividend pathways.

Solidar - Facebook account and Messenger application

- More features expected - Wallets for Windows, Facebook & (Telegram)

- Execution of tasks for maintenance of secure network

- Math algorithms in Solidar client limit amounts of new currency

- Solidar coins issued as vouchers

- Vouchers are donated to network members as C-UBI in a fixed amount each month - Small demurage fee every 10 minutes provides stable monthly payout - Currency is generated through a process called mining, in limited amounts

- Own blockchain

- "Freicoin" (a coin that follows Bitcoin) fork with added UBI features

- German non-profit W.I.N.C. e.V. (Solidar Association)

- Peer-to-peer network of Solidar clients (nodes)

Hendrik Richter Germany


- Wants to coexist with Bitcoin

- Released under terms of MIT license

- Launched

- All coins are distributed

How it Works, W.I.N.C e.V. Solidar is a decentralized, distributed, peer-to-peer demurrage based, electronic currency designed to create an economic system based on stability and well-being of all the people. Solidar is distributed monthly to all network members as crypto-vouchers' universal basic income, to provide the satisfaction of human basic needs.
Steem Basic Income - Steemit blog account

- Program pool enrollment through members sponsoring via @steembasicincome

- Steem Basic Income paid in STEEM tokens

- UBI payment depends on regular upvotes, based on weights of number of shares in program pool

- Total weekly vote strength is divided by number of shares to determine the vote weight each share receives

- Each member's weekly upvote weight is distributed to each of their posts, rate determined by posting frequency - Waterfall of Sustainability - cascasing pools of members, depending on available spots - Maximum of 100 shares in each pool per member - Upvoting bonuses, sponsoring and delegation bonus shares

Own Blockchain - the social media blockchain platform, "Steem" Ned Scott New York Launched in 2018 Steemit, Discord Social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemit members as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.
SwiftDemand - Government Docs

- Swift ID - Swift citizens verified by Identity Provider

- 100 swifts per day, maximum 7 unclaimed days

- Additional 500 swifts through referrals (up to 5M users) - New coins generation declining after reaching 100 billion Swifts cap

- Stage 1: Accelerated income distribution
- Stage 2: After 70B cap, inflation rate will be decided by the delegated nodes
- Several different income tiers based on the cost of living in each region, decided by the delegated nodes
Neo Fork - Delegated Nodes

- Changeable Interest Rate

Chris Gregorio

Adam Stallard

US West Coast - Marketplace with non-essential goods

- Raised 30K$ in Ether presale dutch auction, April 8 '18

- 500K Accounts (biggest)

- Still not on blockchain - 17K in Telegram group, more in local groups

WhitePaper Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 swifts each day. No additional swifts can be created with time or resources. No user can gain any other 'advantage' when it comes to acquiring swifts.
TCB (Elvis Presley JR.) - tcb.ai users automatically enrolled in free HGI$ MLM sponsor referral plan on registration

- Password protected affiliate dashboard & unique referral link

- UBI from $50 subscription payments for digital services bundle

- 75% of revenue distributed to 10 sponsors in a client's upline automatically upon payment - Maximum of $280,000 UBI per year

Too early for this project. The UBI depends on 75% of the revenue generated from digital subscription bundles N\A - Elvis Aron Presley Jr Ltd

- British non profit company for digital services bundles

Elvis Aron Presley Jr. UK - Previous name TCB = Taking Care of Business - Presley family motto

- No WP

In development A permanent UBI solution for subscribers to digital services bundle of Elvis Aron Presley Jr Ltd.

Basic income is distributed as a share from subscriptions revenue among all affiliates in the network.

TrustLines - Trustlines Network mobile app with "users-trusting-users" payments path

- Automatically generated wallet - Trustline via QR or NFC on the network

- Similar to legal tender bank money

- Can be real world currency, commodity, crypto token, or any other agreed unit of account - Balance increase creates money; reduction destroys

There is no coin to be valued, it's just a platform Ethereum Heiko Hees

Gustav Friis Kristoffer Naerland

Mainz, Germany - It's not really UBI, rather solution to unbanked people and access to financial services

- A trustline is a bilateral agreement between exactly two users, consisting of two credit lines and their balance

In development Permissionless Peer-to-Peer payments to anyone with a smartphone. There is no need to have an ID, an initial deposit, or a bank account.

People Powered Money are Complementary Currencies, which are governed and issued between individuals and businesses, instead of banks and governments.

Ubic - e-passports - digital signature issued with every passport - No miners - blocks validated by delegates (people, companies, nonprofit organizations or any capable entity)

- Static amount of coins distributed every minute until expiration of passport - More users decrease UBI amounts

- Capped total supply to a fixed amount every year

- Different currencies running on one unique blockchain - Each currency associated to one country and identified by U=iso2 country code - Large share supply equally distributed among addresses that were successfully associated to a passport

Own blockchain - Voting on delegates

- Delegates must run nodes

Ubicorn Admin (?) - Varying amount of UBI per country (country-specific UBIC token)

- Similar to Bitcoin, but more scalable, with max 50 super nodes

In development / blockchain is minting since march, four nodes and 9 registered passports active as of september 2, 2018 Whitepaper, Reddit UBI as a form of reward of being part of a network, sent via digital signatures of passports in selected countries.
UBIcoin - Bancor, Group.Market and UBIcoin alliance

- Group.Market for interfaces for community marketplaces that accept various currencies - Bancor for U activation mechanism for community tokens exchange - Wallets for tribes/groups

- Organizations as “trusted tribes/groups” can issue branded tokens

- Decentralized network of organizations with members - Instantly tradable tokens among different communities and organisations

- Individual communities create strong branded tokens via Bancor

- Organizations issue wallets to members and create tribes/group s (can also revoke memberships) - "No debt" - no negative amounts can occur - U is instantly usable - Users of Group.Market can define which currencies their market runs under and U can be one of the choices of payment methods

Using the Bancor Protocol Decentralized structure of different organisations and communities with own governance Anna Blume

Arie Ben David Marc Griffiths Yann Levreau.

Tel Aviv

Berlin Perth

Branded tokens strengthen a community by gaining better understanding in which context the token is used In development Whitepaper Ubicoin (U) enables the creation of branded community tokens via a smart contract, that are given to members of an organisation in set amounts within set intervals, bound to certain rules.

As any community or individual can create tokens, U can eventually be made available universally.

Ubit - Verification process is through email, sms In development No data yet Own Blockchain - by Unibit Labs, a company that does blockchain services In development Jon Stokes

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Texas, US Windows wallet In development Unibit Labs, Bitcointalk, Github 2 UBIT - Universal Basic Income Tokens are an experimental function of the Unibit Blockchain.

Participants receive a set amount of UBITs weekly based on a tier system: Registered, Verified, and Permissioned.

Verification processes will act as extended transaction layers (email, sms, etc). This prevents users from running multiple instances, and allows for a more fair distribution.

Value Instrument Value is a community-issued currency, initiated by a community "wallet".
Value has not integrated a peer-to-peer web-of-trust dynamic, we instead thought that a similar dynamic would unfold over exchanges, where no one would accept non-reputable community coins for a decent exchange rate or there may be no liquidity at all.
Branded currencies play a vital role in this dynamic, as communites strive to make their currency and community reputable, they will make sure to validate their members.
As per choice of chain and Value settings in initialisation Instances of Value can be designed and installed by community to fit their individual needs and projected use cases, following basic principles:
#1 Set amount and frequency of payout

#2 Set lifespan of coins #3 Set transaction fees and possible taxation #4 Amounts received burn to 0 within lifespan #5 Value transferred to others regains full lifetime in the recipient account (therefore needs tx fee to make pingping transfers unattractive).

Will start as an ERC-20, but Blockchain agnostic.
Must have smart contracts or similar functionality.
Community choice, which tools to use for governing the issuing entity Anna Blume

Marc Griffiths Philipe Achille Villiers Yann Levreau Hibryda


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UBIcoin could be deemed a fork Active development, Alpha Version to be announced, Proof of concept on Ethereum test net Alpha Version The governance of the community wallet is up to the community or individual, who installs this particular instance of Value, together with its specific coin dynamic. Within this governance structure the group decides

on how to validate active members, who then get their "wallet" issued. This is an offline process in the current versions of the software. Think of a coworking space issuing branded Value to members,

who register at the front desk anyway, usually presenting a form of ID. Or a village where people really know eachother.

A fake community, creating fake users and fake liquidity, can possibly be detected fast, because you can't buy and receive any real services or products there.

Hence Value currently works as a more decentral, than fully distributed system, with the view to combine Value's core principles with other validation mechanisms in the future.